Mykombiandi head to Envirofest 2013.

Envirofest 2013 was held in one of the most beautiful places in Perth, Whiteman Park. Presented in conjunction with the Men of the Trees, Envirofest showcased a range of environmental concepts, issues and products. Entry was free and there was something for everyone including the kiddies with Free Face painting.

I absolutely loved walking around the festival checking out all the latest in sustainable options. The push towards our way of life is getting stronger, now that the options are getting more viable and easier to access information about how to make the better choices for our environment. The great number of stalls and the large range of products at the festival meant that anyone that made the trip out to Whiteman Park could leave with some great information.

I had a great chat with a lady from the Conservation Council of WA about renewable energy and possible options for WA. Check out their website for more info on what they are about.  I also enjoyed a very tasty muffin from Catering Green. All their muffins are made with free range eggs. I visited the Conservation Volunteers stall you can visit their website for information about becoming a volunteer here

As I said earlier on in the blog there was something for everyone and there was. I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Harris Organic Wines, Deb. Harris Organic wines is a small family business run by Duncan and Deborah Harris and is “Australian Certified Organic”. At Harris Organic Wines, they sell only at the cellar door and through the online wine shop. Kristy and I have been invited out to their winery for some tasting. I really look forward to catching up with Deb again and taking home some of their great tasting wines. Check out their website and here:

Throughout the day there were talks about the products on display, how to demos and plenty of people to talk about their great environmentally friendly options. I learnt how to run a worm farm, how to grow your own organic vegetables on your window sill and how important recycling is to our growing WA.

Check out the Envirofest 2013 website here for any information about the festival or any of the great exhibitors:

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