Egyptian Party, Cairo

Walking back from our Egypt Contiki Tour’s farewell dinner we all could hear this party, the music was loud and everyone sounded like they were all having a great time. We could see down this very dodgy looking alley way where the party was happening. There were lights and music and people dancing. Not knowing any Arabic I thought that i could not go down and have a look. One other guy in a group wanted to check out the party, so we decided that we would go. We brushed up on our hello’s and thankyou’s and walked over. Standing on the side and just watching for a little while. One of the young kids had seen us and invited us in. You see him in the video. We were greeted with open arms and even given chairs. We sat down and just watched the dancing and listened to the music. There was live music and even what appeared to be a TV news camera man filming the event. I asked the young boy if i could film on my iPhone and got a big smile and nod. It was an amazing experience to allowed into this celebration and an inside view on this culture. The people were very friendly and we felt safe. We said our thankyou’s and good bye’s and left. We were both pretty stoked about the entire experience and could not talking about it the next day at breakfast.

Egyptian Party, Cairo July 2012

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