The Big Chill Review. Contiki Europe 2012

My 1st Contiki review. I had so much fun on this tour.

Adventure of Epic-Ness, The BIG Chill Review, Contiki Europe 2012

If you are a young Aussie Contiki is a part of our lives. I remember saying to other travelers “It is not are you going to do a Contiki it is when?” So many young Aussie’s before me have been on Contiki and have all got some great stories to tell there friends and family. Contiki opened my eyes to travel and has changed my life. All I want to do now is travel, travel is now my life. Not the daily grind of the corporate world, not the challenge of finding that perfect job. It is how am I going to get there? How am I going to see that festival? How will I travel that country and who will I meet? What will there amazing stories be? Well I feel another “Travel Ramblings” post coming on. Love you all, Namaste.

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