My 1st attempt at Vlogging. What do you think???

So I have been a little quite lately in the blogosphere recently. Partly because I have been enjoying learning all about Permaculture and partly because I have been living on an organic farm in the south-west of Western Australia, out of any internet range. Which was a pretty awesome experience in itself. I spent two weeks living in my kombi at Fair Harvest Farm in Margaret River, completing my PDC, Permaculture Design Certificate. Which I might add is a “Life Changing” course. I am currently writting a new post about it and hopefully ill get it up here soon. 

I have always carried my camera around when travelling and have filmed everything from Lithuania through to Japan, but have never done anything with it. Whilst on the PDC one of the guys suggested that I chuck it up on you tube. So here it is. Please let us know what you think I would love to hear your opinion.

Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it? I have filmed plenty more and will hopefully get them up over the next few days. If you liked it, you can subscribe to my youtube channel and feel free to share it, you can also follow me on the mykombiandi facebook and instagram pages.

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