I caught myself complaining today. Why???

I caught myself complaining today, about my job and feeling stuck at work. Not something that I normally do and definitely not something that I would like to admit. Then I stopped myself, I thought this is ridiculous, what have I got to complain about, really?

I remember back to when I was in Edfu, Egypt. We caught a horse and cart to the Temple of “Horus the Avenger”. We were warned that these people are very poor and that they will probably hassle us for cash, which they did. However they were so extremely poor and you could see that they were so hungry. Most of the money that they earned went to feed their horses, then to pay rent on the cart and then what ever was left over went to their family so they could all eat some measly amount of food. I could not comprehend how hard that is, and here I am complaining about how hard I have it at work, how ridiculous is that?

Edfu, Horse and Cart

Getting a lift to the temple of “Horus the Avenger”


I have witnessed this image again and again all over the world. They are burnt into my brain and will stay with me forever. These people taught me a few things about myself, some of which I did not like and now are working so hard to rectify.

How can I complain? I have a great job with a good income that allows me to travel the world regularly I live in the “Lucky Country” Australia, where we are free to say and do whatever we want. This is a privilege not afforded to many of the people who I met all over the world. I am able to travel to these countries and support their people, even if it is only a little fare for a quick ride somewhere, I always give a little extra, what is a couple of dollars to me, may mean a meal to them.

I have always said that travel teaches you more than you could ever learn in a class room and this is a prime example. Now that I know this I am certain I will never complain about those petty little things that when you look at the bigger picture are insignificant. Why would you let something so insignificant take up space in your heart, in your mind and in your soul? When there are so many amazing and special experiences that are so much more worthwhile.

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