Georges Boat. Nuff Said

Well we have made it to Corfu, this is one of our extended stays so we get 3 days here. I had been told that Corfu is a party island and to look forward to the infamous Georges Boat Tour.


Georges Boat Corfu

Are you ready for Corfu???

We set up camp, and wondered down the path to the beach. It is right there, just there only 1 minute walk. This place is awesome, there are bars and restaurants quite literally on the beach, you can hire an umbrella and deck chairs so you can hang out with all the “Cool Kids” on the beach. As you do when on Contiki you grab a drink and start to Party. We then jumped straight on the famous Georges Boat tour and met the one and only George, I don’t think this planet could handle two of this man. 

We were told not to drink until we hit the first of the island stops and had a try at all the adventure water sports.


Georges boat wakeboarding

1st Every attempt at wakeboarding

I learnt how to Wake Board which I now think is my new hobby as I just loved it. Then my wife and I went parasailing, it was just brilliant up there. You could see for ever, it was like you were flying. Until your legs started to get numb from the pressure on the harness. You had to try and sit in the harness to take the pressure off your legs. At one stage the driver slowed the boat down so much that we were able to run on the water. Well Kristy could I got dunked as I am almost a foot taller then her.


Georges Boat, Parasailing

Walking on water

At one of the first stops we were all jumping off the boat and our little Japanese pocket rocket Ren, was doing all these crazy front flips and just going nuts. It was so brilliant to see. We were told of a tunnel that you could swim through right up on the cliff face. So we went and investigated, it was pretty tight and there was no way that I was going through it but a few of the guys did. It would of been pretty bloody scary and squeezy.

Georges boat wakeboarding

Getting some instructions


Geaorges boat Wakeboarding

1st shot at standing up

George is this larger then life bloke who if you met him anywhere else in the world would be a Seedy Old Man but as he is in Greece and runs a boat tour that is famous for his Seediness it just works. He has this sticker on the cabin. “Sixty and Sexy”. You can also buy his famous singlets, if you have any friends who have done a George’s boat tour they would have one. They are completely wrong on all levels and are seriously inappropriate, however I did get one. Now I am a little inclined to get naked fairly often and not ashamed of it, so I was a little disappointed when I heard that Nudie Bay/ Hanky Panky Island or what ever it was called had been banned. It didn’t really make a difference I jumped in and got nude, so did a few of us. It was so funny when George slowed the boat down he would yell out, everyone off the boat and you had to just jump off the moving boat.

George gets everyone up on the front of the boat to sing either their national anthem or a famous song about there country. So country by country got up. It was pretty cool as we had, Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians, Americans, South Africans, English and a Japanese. That night we partied at the famous Contiki Toga party. It is a great night but be prepared, it is a little seedy, but a lot of fun.

Corfu Toga party

Our Contiki crew partying it up, Toga Style!

The next day had us some free time and we just kind of wondered around Corfu, checking out all the little shops, markets eating at the local spots. I got addicted to Gyro’s, the greek version of the Kebab. We found this little shop in the old town who made awesome Gyro’s. We stopped there every day and ordered a different Gyro. Gyros are these wraps with what ever you want in them but they also have french fries in them, just brilliant, especially when you are hung over. I just loved that place, we always gave them a big tip for all the great service. He must of loved us as we always brought more and more people back each time. On the last day we turned up ordered our food and all these extra drinks arrived on our table. I just wish I remembered the name of the place so you can all check it out. It was a small cafe in the old town and on a corner, hope that helps? We also decided to get some tattoo’s. I already had my design and we found a place that was recommended to us                      “Dimitris Grapsias Koi-Tattoo“. We had been talking about the tattoo’s for a little while and ended up with 6 of us all getting inked.

Corfu Tattoo

One Life One Search is my philosophy.


The next day we were once again on a ferry and heading to mainland Greece and to hit up the Greece’s capital Athens. Sadly we would be saying good by to half of our crew but soon to gain the new peeps that we will spend the next 2 weeks with, travelling up Eastern Europe.

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One Life, One Search

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