Finding Peace on the Beach. Eceabat Turkey.

Eceabat Beach Turkey

Feeling the love in Turkey

After the somber experience at ANZAC cove we made our way to the easy-going Eceabat. Eceabat is this sleepy beach side town where you can look over to Asia. We all just sat around in a circle and reflected on our day and life in general. It was a perfect way to chill out and relax after the emotionally draining experience of Gallipoli. The beach was amazing and the beach bar sold cheap beer. I have become a big fan of beach bars. We sat around chatting drinking ice-cold beers and watching the sunset on this day that we will never forget.

Contiki on the beach Turkey

Everyone enjoying the beach

We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves except for this small group of guys. They loved that we were having a great time and attempted to teach us their football teams song. So all the boys lined up in the water and started to jump around and singing this random song that we had no idea what we were saying, what language or how badly we were butchering it. The guys seemed to really love it and were so happy, or so we think. We couldn’t speak their language or them ours. But somehow that didn’t matter. It was just this mutual understanding between travellers. Music and song span languages and the passion that these guys had for that song was contagious.

Eceabat Beach Turkey

The boys enjoying the laid back vibe of Eceabat

Eceabat beach Turkey

Having a ball on the beach

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  1. Hi Shane, I too love Turkey and am an Australian who acts for a living. I loved your post about Eceabat, and I cannot wait to return to Turkey. I went there as a young backpacker many years ago and have written about it, and then I returned on a cruise ship (my grown up way of travelling these days…). Please have a look at my 5 part stories about Turkey too, starting with:


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