Camping FAIL: How to put up a Tent with no poles.

Well we headed down to The Stirling Range National Park a “short” 5 hour drive south of Perth, Western Australia for some much needed training for our up and coming hike in April. As you guys know we have been training pretty hard for about a year now preparing ourselves to hike to Mt Everest Base Camp. The three of us founded BeyondEverest project and are raising much needed funds and awareness for a charity very close to our hearts, beyondblue. Beyondblue assist those suffering from depression and anxiety and every dollar we raise goes straight to them.

Anyway we headed down in Kristy’s little Suzuki instead of the Kombi this time. You see the Kombi died on the side of the road 2 months ago now and is going to cost me a bucket load to get back on the road, hopefully I get my baby back soon. So instead of staying in the Kombi we borrowed my mums tent, thanks mum. After the 5 hour drive down there we start to set up the tent and realise that we have no poles. Can you say FAIL??? Camping lesson #1: Always check your gear. Check out this Vlog and see what happens when when we do not check our gear!

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