Hiking the Bluff.

Well our 1st day of hiking in the stirling ranges was on a stinking hot day, approx. 38 degrees C and with no wind. It didn’t help that around 20 minutes into the hike we heard a blood curdling scream and was wondering what type of animal was getting eaten and what was eating it???

The day had us at Bluff Knoll the highest peak in the Stirling Range reaching 1099m. The track is amazing and the views are breathtaking. We had been here only a few months before and we could really see the effect that the harsh Australian summer has on our tough natural landscape. There were many shades of dead everywhere, but some how this to is beautiful. We interrupted a huge lizard that was sunning himself in the early morning sun and watched as some birds of prey circled above our heads whilst we looked over the vast landscape from the summit.

Bluff Knoll, mykombiandi

Looking out over the southern side of Bluff Knoll

The heat was horrible and we were sweating badly. We retreated to shade when ever we could and were hoping for some breeze soon. Kristy found some relief on a large rock that was still cool from the night before. When we rounded the mountain and we could see the Albany coast we were treated to a nice breeze, even if it were only for a brief moment. It is from this point where you once again are treated to an incredible view of the South West Coast. From now on the track gets very cool, it disappears into nothing, with only a few signs pointing you in the correct direction.


Training for Everest Base Camp

Once at the top you are treated to one of the best views you will find in WA. I always find myself contemplating life when I find myself in these magical places. Standing a top a mountain in my home country really made me feel proud of Australia and how lucky we have it here.

We had planned on checking out Mt Trio that afternoon however we decided that it was just way to hot. So we jumped in the car and drove the short 80km drive to Albany to go for a swim and find an ice cream. That swim was incredible and one of the best soft serve ice creams ever. I later found out that the Ice-cream truck was owned by one of my work mates grand dads, how cool is that?

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sunset mt trio

Sunset over our campsite

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