#100happydays Day12 – Day19

So I know I said that I would attempt to post daily for the 100happydays but I have been to busy being happy, sorry everyone. Well the time has come and we are now back on the road again and getting closer and closer to our big adventure. So the last couple of days have been hectic, but I have been learning to notice those little things that make me happy and here they are:

Thunderstorm, mykombiandi

A BIG Thunderstorm rolling in at Mt Keith

Last day at work

My Last day at work for 8 weeks :-)

Latte Art

Latte Art at Dome


Everything seems better when I am in my Kombi


It’s getting close now!!!

Bags are packed

I am ready! Bags are packed.

BeyondEverest project

BeyondEverest project proudly supporting beyondblue

We have arrived safe and sound in Chaotic Bangkok and are chilling by the pool at the moment. Just relaxing before we hit the streets and celebrate Songkran festival. Look out for the up and coming clips and pics from the epic “Water Festival” that is Thai New Year. If you have liked this post you can follow my adventures by sampling clicking on the “Follow” button. Or you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and now YouTube. Please feel free to share this post with your friends. One Life, One Search. Shane

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