Getting Wet at Songkran: Daily Vlog: 2 2014!

Happy New Year Thailand. The Thai really know how to celebrate, and they know how to throw a giant country wide party. It is such a great atmosphere, there is music everywhere you go, people dancing in the streets and you can not go anywhere without getting wet.

Even though the celebrations are throughout the country, in Bangkok the main party area is Khao San Road, the Backpacker district. So we decided to jump in a cab and make our way to the party zone. The traffic was so thick that we decided to get out a little earlier and walk the rest of the way. As soon as we opened the door of the Taxi we were drenched. We new we needed to get a water pistol quick smart. Once we were armed we joined in the festivities and instantly were covered in mud, well this powered/ water mix stuff. We made our way through the chaos and to the entrance of Khao San Road, which they had blocked off and a huge entrance gate set up with a metal detector. The crowed was very well behaved and everyone was having such a great time.

Songkran Festival

Entering the Chaos


Party hard at Songkran

Songkran 2014

Songkran 2014, Khao San Road

Songkran street food

Songkran Street food

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