Ghat to Monjo; Daily Vlog Day 4.

The first night on our epic adventure to Mt Everest Base Camp had us staying at a little town by the name of Ghat. Ghat is approx. 2hrs walk down hill from the famous Lukla town. World Expeditions have a permanent campsite situated on the edge of the river. World expeditions tents are roomy and the beds rather comfortable. You could imagine after the season that the tents could be a bit ratty and a few of them were. Our zip was broken but with assistance from my “Leatherman” I managed to fix it.


What a place to chill out for a while

You would of all heard by now that there was a huge tragedy up the mountain. I would like to take this opportunity to express my condolences to the family and friends of the lost sherpas.

“We held your hearts in ours, we never forgot and never will. May your souls rest in peace”


Such magnificent beauty.


Monjo Camp 2850m


Check out our tents.

Here is the Daily Vlog, Day:4

Ghat to Monjo.

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