Monjo to Namche: Day 5.

Daily Vlog: Day 5.

Wow our first BIG climb day 600m Up, and it was up all day. We had our fare share of high suspension bridges, sheer cliffs and some absolutely out of this world views. The day starts at 2840m and ends at a whopping 3440m at the famous Namche Bazaar, where we would stay for 2 days to acclimatise. Namche was going to be our last opportunity to have a shower for another 15 days.


Suspension bridges became the norm after today.

Oh and a BIG sorry to “Dan” one of our super Sherpa Guides. Sorry mate I pronounced your name incorrectly. My Bad, please forgive me.


Our First View of the BIG mountain


Kristy and I looking over Namche.


Daily Vlog: Day 5.

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