Daily Vlog Day 8 Namche to Phortse Tenga.

Daily Vlog, Day 8:
Namche to Phortse Tanga:

The day starts off not so well, I have woken up with a bit of a cold, the dust the over the last few days has been crazy. We start on what is locally know as the Everest Highway. An old Sherpa is building better pathways with no government funding. So everyone that walks the track just gives a small donation. This section was by far the best in the entire trek.


The best path in the mountains


Appeal to the passers by to donate to build the Everest Hwy.

We climb up to 3990m then descend down into the valley of Phortse Tenga at 3600m, were we camp for the night. That afternoon we go exploring the town of Phortse Tenga, get chased by a baby Yak and yelled at by a crazy crow and be bigs kids in a school playground.


Would you go to school here?


Absolutley beautiful

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