Daily Vlog: Day 10. Oxygen Levels Low!

Daily Vlog Day 10,

Dole to Machermo:

Waking up first thing meant I was treated to this magnificent site, the entire campsite and the valley was covered in this thin layer of snow, it was so beautiful.


What a beautiful sight to wake up to.

I really started to feel the altitude today, we were at 4100m and you could really start to feel the air getting thin,


Like A Hangover

at Machermo the oxygen level is only 57%.The night was so cold that all my batteries crashed so I was giving my solar charger a work out, however that was even struggling. After reaching camp we went for our usual afternoon altitude hike and once again were treated with a magnificent view over the valley from our own little mountain ridge.


Ridge Walk

That night we slept at the World Expeditions permanent camp at our highest point so far 4410m. Later that evening we wondered over to the Machermo rescue post for there daily altitude talk and we all had our “Sats” taken, I was at 86%. It was interesting to see the deference in our oxygen levels, even though it does not really matter.


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