Snow Ball to the Balls! Daily Vlog: 11

Daily Vlog: 11


Machermo to Gokyo Lakes:

Wow what a day this was. We wake up in our tents after the coldest night so far and are greeted with one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. The sky was so blue and the ground was covered in a layer of white as white snow. It was something out of a fairy tale. We all kind of just stood around and gazed at the snow-covered mountains. We then quickly realised that it was in fact still really cold and we made our way in for breakfast, in hope of finding somewhere warmer.


Loving life in the Himalayas.

Us Australians do not get to see snow very often and it did send us all a little crazy. There were plenty of snow balls whizzing around the mountain side, one “stray” snowball ended up colliding with my family jewels and sent me down hard.


Mel and Kristy, In the mountains

Today was a long day but it was filled with so much beauty and excitement. We walked up the side of a sheer cliff, walked through snow and made it to one of the most beautiful places in the Nepalese Himalaya, the Gokyo Lakes. When we crossed a dodgy looking bridge and came around the corner everyone was stopped in their tracks by the epic beauty of The First Lake. This was to happen another two times and each one of the 3 blue Gokyo Lakes.


What a site to see!!!

The day ended however a little scary. Melissa one-third of BeyondEverest project fell ill. Mel was in a bad way and needed to get some serious help. As the rest of the trekking group carried on, Team BeyondEverest project slowly assisted Mel to make it to Gokyo and get help. Sorry I didn’t get any of this on film as it was very serious. The next day Mel was airlifted back down to Kathmandu and later diagnosed with HACE, High Altitude Cerebral Edema. A BIG thank you goes out to our legendary World Expeditions Tour Leader Prasant who made the call against the local doctors recommendations and sent her back to Kathmandu. Thank you Prasant your expertise and experience in the mountains enabled you to make the correct decision and saved our friends life.

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One Life One Search

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