I’m in The Clouds. Daily Vlog: 12

Daily Vlog: 12

Gokyo Ri 5365m

Our days starts early, we wake up 5:30am, have breakie, say our goodbyes to Mel and hit the trail by 7:30am. Mel will be getting a chopper ride back to Kathmandu this morning, she had gotten worse and really needed to get off the mountain. We found out later that she got diagnosed with HACE, High-Altitude Cerebral Oedema.


The BeyondEverest project team.


Gokyo Ri, 5360m Its going to be a BIG day.


Its 7:30am and I stand at the base of Gokyo Ri and look up, I feel the excitement build, today is my first day above 5000m. We start at Gokyo Lakes at an already huge height of 4800m and we have a big altitude climb ahead of us to a whopping 5360m. We wander along this make shift rocky path across the water and start the ascent. It was steep and it was hard going. We constantly stop to get our breath and to “Admire the View”. Which is something that you really need to do when trekking. You are constantly looking down and watching your step that you forget to look up. I tried a few times to look up whilst walking and always stumbled, so always stop before you check out the incredible scenery. I watched as the weather closed in, I watched other trekkers start to disappear into the clouds. The clouds were so thick that you could feel them. Every now and then they would clear briefly and you could see the breathtaking lakes.


The magical view over Gokyo Lakes

I don’t know what it was but as we approached the summit the clouds disappeared to reveal the majestic mountains and lakes. Then almost as if it were planned we heard a chopper approaching. We watched as Mel and her chopper flew back over the lakes and down the valley. We all wished her farewell and get well soon.

Once at the top we had this amazing feeling of success. We sat at the summit of Gokyo Ri looking over the great lakes and giant mountains.  The air was very thin and just general conversation was difficult. You could hear the camera shutters snapping away and a quiet mumble of ohh and ahhs.


We made it to the Summit of Gokyo Ri.

Then we had to make our way back down, slowly. Going down I feel is much harder on the knees and you are more likely to stack it. That night we laughed around the dinner table at Gillian’s Paw Paw that was struggling with the altitude.

Have you been to altitude? What were your experiences?

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