Walking on Ice. Daily Vlog: 13.

Daily Vlog: 13,

Gokyo to Yakkaka,


Gokyo village

Today we get to trek across the Gazumba Glacier, the glacier we could see from the summit of Gokyo Ri yesterday. The trail was quite treacherous, we had to watch out for falling rocks from the cliffs on each side of the glacier.


The treacherous glacier track.

The track was just rocks on rocks and very difficult to walk on, but so exciting. I loved looking at all the different patterns in the ice and rocks and wondering where they had come from and how


Loving life on the Glacier


Kristy and Shane on the Glacier

old they were? The glacier lakes were pretty cool as well, they were a mix of colours, bright blue, crystal clear and a turquoise green.

Once out of the glacier we walked along a valley until we made it to the Tashi Delek Lodge for lunch. I was a bit upset as I though that we had climbed a little, until i saw a sign that said 4700m, we had started at 4800m. At lunch the Australians sung a song for Ana-Maria the Columbian, “Waltzing Matilda” after that Ana-Maria sung us a song.


Walking in the valley before lunch

After lunch we had to start to climb, it was getting cold, the clouds were quickly rolling in and the wind was picking up. We new we were sleeping at 5000m tonight and that we were currently at 4700m. Putting two and two together we had a big climb in front of us. The track vanished into nothing, there was ice everywhere, it was getting colder and colder and the air was getting thin, it was a hard afternoon. Then we saw a tent and a collective sigh of relief was released over the group, but we soon realised that the tents


We are almost there

were on the other side of the ice. So we very carefully walked across the ice and found our tents. Tonight was our first World Expeditions “Wilderness Camp”, I had been hanging out for this type of camping. The tents were not the same tents as the World Expeditions “Permanent Camp” they were little A-Frame tents with thing foam mattress’s on the ground. The toilet was a hole in the ground with a tent and a make shift seat. Our dinning room was a bigger tent with a fold-up table and fold up chairs. It was the warmest place, as there so many of us in there, so after dinner we played a few games of cards.

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