Conquering the Pass. Daily Vlog: 14

Daily Vlog: 14

Cho-La Pass


Getting pumped for Cho-La

Well it’s Cho-La Pass day, one of the biggest days on this trek. We leave bright and early in the morning chill, it was so cold many of our group could not feel there feet and hands for quite some time. We had stayed the night at one of the World Expeditions “Wilderness Camps” in Yakkaka and tonight we would be staying at another incredible wilderness camp on the edge of near freezing river.


Crossing Ice

We all had heard the “Are you going to Cho-La? Oh…. good luck with that!” comment so many times from passers by. This played on our minds again and again and was re-enforced early on Cho-La day.  As we were approaching Cho-La we could see how big and how steep it was. The accent was a rocky scramble the entire way from the base to the pass, including the hour before we had even reached the base. We were already at 5000m and were all struggling with the dwindling 50% oxygen. The air was so cold it was taking what little oxygen there was left away, making it very difficult to hold a conversation.

Cho-La day really brought the group together, we all helped each other get over the pass, both physically and mentally, it was a team effort. Once at the top the feeling of success was huge, we had just conquered something that had us all worried for some time. The mind games that the other trekkers had unknowingly brought on us were at times causing more issues than the actual altitude. We all felt on top of the world and that we could do anything.


We made it!!!

The decent was breathtaking and filled with joy and laughter, even though it to was treacherous. Somehow we were able to complete it and no one really struggled. I feel that we were able to beat the mind games and face the mountain head on. The decent had us trekking along glaciers filled with ice holes (that I fell down), down rocky cliffs, crossing freezing creeks and over dodgy wooden bridges, and we did it all with a smile, as if we just conquered a mountain.

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