What is M&S? Daily Vlog: 15

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Cho-La to Labouche.

We wake up after a freezing night in our “Wilderness Camp” to one of the most picturesque views I have ever seen. The sky was perfectly clear, the sun was out, it was still cold but the sun was out and standing tall over our camp were breathtaking snow camp mountains that just made you go “WOW”. The morning was so perfect that we all decided to have breakfast Al-Fresco, which was a welcome change.


Having breakfast outdoors today.

Today was only a short day, and we needed it after the massive day yesterday. We only walked for just over 3 hours and had arrived at our Tea House by lunch time. This enabled us to re-group, re-energise and re-focus on our next few even bigger days, tomorrow we reach Base Camp! After lunch the group settled into our rooms for the night and then congregated in the pretty cool little dinning room. We played our favourite game of “M&S”, (masters and sluts) I realise that sounds horrible but it is pretty much a card game called “Goodies and Baddies”. We now had a few extra members of the group that would stay with us for a few days and we where all quickly getting to know them. The new members were from a Canadian group who had been a part of raising money for a school and a hospital in the Nepalese Himalaya. They were soon taught the rules of M&S and they all loved the game.

Tomorrow we reach Mount Everest Base Camp, it will be a massive day, 8 hours all up and some pretty tough terrain. We are all so excited about tomorrow, hopefully we can actually get some sleep tonight. We heard from Mel today, she had made it safely to Kathmandu and after a few scares and having to deal with a Nepalese hospital Mel was diagnosed with HACE, High Altitude Cerebral Edema. So we all are very grateful to our super talented, super awesome trek leader Prasant, for saving our friends life. If any of you are thinking of trekking in Nepal or are interested in an adventure holiday I would seriously consider World Expeditions.

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