Emo Yaks, Avalanches and Mt Everest Base Camp. Daily Vlog: 16

Daily Vlog: 16

Today is “The Day” the day that I have been training for, over 12 months of sweat, tears and even some blood, (insert “tough mudder” joke here). We wake up before sunrise, pack up our gear, have a wholesome breakfast and hit the trail for a very big day. We find ourselves all psyching ourselves up, Clare gives us the usual morning “Day 13” chant and we are off.

Only a few minutes in and a heard of out of control Yaks storm our parade. The young Yak Herder is having a hard time with a few of the yaks, as they decide to do what ever they want. They are massive creatures, so big if they decide to not listen to you there is not much you can do about it. At one point they get very close to me and give us all a bit of a fright.

I’ve woken up with a few sniffles and my back is starting to stiffen up, making it a difficult day for me. I decide i need some motivation so I chuck the iPod on and guess what changes my mood and gets me going??? South park’s very own, Cartman singing Sail Away.

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Our EPIC trail.

We stop for morning tea at Gorak Shep and prepare ourselves for the 3 hour hike to Base Camp. We stop and look down the glacier and can see base camp, it’s a long way but we can see it. Once on the track we quickly learn of the dangers of this mountain. As we pass memorial after memorial, I stop and read everyone. It is a stark reminder that it all can change in an instant and re-enforces what I am doing here. I have made a personnel choice to live my life, to see the world, really see it, not just from a window of a tour bus that brushes over what is really going on, but to live and breathe adventures.


I’m in the Himalayas!!!

We pass a few people, no where near as many as we had been expecting. The trekking season had come to an abrupt stop only a short time ago and the effect was everywhere. My thoughts drift again to the 16 Sherpas who had just lost there lives on this mountain and how massive the effect has and will be in this region. We could see a few yellow tents left

mykombiandi, base camp,

Its just there, so close now.

at the expedition base camp, but the “Tent City” that we had been told about was missing. There were a few porters walking back to Gorak Shep caring all types of gear, including a big chest freezer on their backs. The vibe was strange in the region, you could feel the tension, you could feel the uneasiness. Then it happened, we heard a huge crack and our trip leader yelled “Avalanche”. I turned and seen it, an avalanche, it was, incredible, awe inspiring and I felt the magnitude and power of Mother Nature. The avalanche was on Nuptse and ended in the Glacier. I was quick enough and was able to caption most of the action on camera. You will see some on this daily vlog.

mykombiandi, everest avalanche

The power of Mother Nature


We made it!!!

When we finally reached base camp the emotions were high through out our group. Everyone had been training and preparing for this moment, It was magical, it was beautiful, it was Base Camp. I let this feeling wash over me and really enjoyed the moment. At one point i remember looking around and thinking to myself, “I made it, I am at Mt Everest Base Camp, Nepal” I am here.  The old saying “The journey is more important than the destination” well I understand this now. Base Camp is just a few rocks pilled up, a bunch of prayer flags strewn around and a little sign. Its the 15 months of training and preparing, its the 13 days of trekking, its the people you meet, the sites you see, the problems you face and the lessons you learn that make the journey.

I hope you have been liking this series through Nepal? Have you been to base camp? What were your experiences? Are you planning a trekking adventure through Nepal?

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