The Land of Dragons and Happiness; Daily Vlog: 24

Today I leave Nepal for one place that has intrigued me for years, one place that I has held the world imaginations, a place that being happy is more important than the countries Gross National Product. Today I land in Bhutan, “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” and the famous “Gross National Happiness.

The flight over was amazing in itself, We could see the Himalaya’s and had one of the most impressive landings. As we were starting our decent, the captain says “For those that have not landed in Bhutan before, we bank hard to the right than the left, please do not be alarmed”. I was just like, “cool what ever”, wholly smoke, it felt like the pilot was attempting acrobatics in a jumbo. I looked out the window and the wing seamed to be touching the ground then the balanced changed to the other side, then the jumbo straightened out and landed. The expert pilot’s had to thread this jumbo through to massive mountains right in line with the airport, an impressive entrance I must say.

Once on the tarmac i was impressed with my first sight of this mysterious country. The airport is probably the most beautiful airport that i have ever seen in one of the most picturesque landscapes i have ever seen. I was later informed that the traditional style architecture that the airport was built in was law in Bhutan. Every building has to be built to look like traditional Bhutanese Architecture. This meant that every building looked similar, somehow this works and in forces that Bhutan are really trying to hold onto there traditions.

tattered passport

Great airport

I easily managed my way through customs and met my guide, not a single hassle from anyone. This was a refreshing change to the chaos that was Kathmandu. My guide blessed me and we were on our way from Paro to Thimpu. The roads were in amazingly good condition and some of the coolest driving roads anywhere. They wound themselves up and around the huge mountains, the going was slow, i didn’t complain, it gave me more time to take in the incredible beauty. We stopped at the famous Iron Chain Bridge in the Paro Valley. The bridge is old, real old somewhere in the late 1300’s and is still in use today, I walked across it, it was something to see with all the intwined steel chains and the prayer flags draped over ever inch.

Tattered Passport

The Iron Bridge in the Paro Vally.

Tattered Passport

The Official Worlds Largest Book

After checking into my hotel and having some lunch my guide Pelma took me to visit the National Library, where i could see all the old scrolls and the Guinness Book of World Records recognised “World Largest Book”. We wondered around town and visited the Stupa in Thimphu and played a game of snooker with Pelma’s friends in this cool hidden away local snooker hall, I won!!! Anyway I am loving this amazing country, it is clean, tidy, organised and ridiculously beautiful.

Tattered Passport

Breathtaking and peaceful

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