Inside Tibet: Your invite inside a Tibetan Home. Daily Vlog: 41

As we wander along the streets of the old town of Gyatse, spinning prayer wheels, dodging cows and laughing at the puppies that were playing in the street we were invited inside a local Tibetan house. This was a huge honour, to see inside this Tibetan house was a sneak peak into real Tibetan Culture.

Tattered Passport Tibet

The Cow guarding the house

Tattered Passport

Tibetan Puppies

Tattered Passport

Inside a Tibetan House, Drying Meat

We enter the old traditional home through the ground floor, traditionally this is where the family house their animals. This family still keep their cow here, we had to pass the very large and grumpy cow, I don’t think she was very happy to have us in her home. The room looked like it has been heavily used for many years. The timber was weathered, you could see right through the ceiling up to the floor above. We walk up the rickety stair case to the first floor. The stair case opened to this beautiful first floor court yard, it was colourful with painted murals, prayer flags hanging amongst prayer wheels. The family had meat drying, hanging from hooks scattered amongst old farming equipment. Everything looked old, really loved and used. We entered a room, dedicated to the Panchen-Lama, of cause this would be for the Dalai Lama, if it were legal. The Chinese government force the Tibetan People to worship the Panchan_Lama, a Chinese appointed Lama who lives in Beijing and is not Tibetan. He was not found the traditional way, the way that all Panchan-Lama have been discovered through out Tibetan Buddhism.

Tattered Passport, Tibet

Tibetan House and drying meat

Tattered Passport, Tibet

Inside a Tibetan House

I left, thanking the beautiful Tibetan lady not only for the invite into her home, but an insight into how these peaceful people are still living in their home, their home country that is getting strategically destroyed by China.

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