Antarctica: Walking To Work In A Blizzard

Antarctica is a magical place, its raw natural beauty, it’s remoteness, it’s ability to bring the best out of everyone who visits here, but it’s not always perfect, Antarctica is a wild, untamed natural environment and that is one of the reasons why I come here.

It is unpredictable and here, you can see and feel the full force of mother nature.

Working in this environment brings some very unique challenges, simple things, like don’t leave you tools lying around, they will either freeze or blow away, your drinking water freezes in its bottle, and simply getting to work can be an adventure.

This day I needed to get to work in a blizzard. It is blowing between 40 to 60knots,

which is around 70 to 110kmph. With the blowing snow our visibility is less than 100m, this puts us in the “Field Travel Condition” of CAUTION, meaning we are restricted to station limits and we should call ahead before we go outside.

Here I walk from The Emergency Vehicle Shelter to the Operations Building a short couple hundred metre walk.

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4 thoughts on “Antarctica: Walking To Work In A Blizzard

  1. Wow Shane thanks for the share. I want go so bad and work down there. Your one of the lucky ones. Show what station duties are like. Cheers buddy.

    Dean Muhlnickel

  2. Shane, brilliant! What work are you doing down there. Have been there in summer/autumn on a comfortable ship, but did a “polar plunge”. Just love the rawness of that environment. Anymore short vids would be great.
    “Peace out”

    • G’day Greg,
      I am an Electrician with the Australian Antarctic Division. My role here is generation and building maintenance. It is a pretty special place. Wow, where did you visit? who did you travel with? I have plenty more videos coming soon. I hope to upload more regularly, its just a little difficult with really slow internet.


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