Who Am I?

One Life, One Search,

You only have one life, one chance to live the life you want. My entire life all I want to do is search, search for that life, search for adventure, search for that moment. But right now I don’t know what that moment is. This blog, my blog is about that search, I wont stop dreaming, I wont stop living, I won’t stop searching and I want you all to come along on that search. I’’ll travel, ill show you the world, ill show you my home, my back yard, ill invite you into my life, Come along and be a part of the search.

My name is Shane Ness, I’m just your average Aussie Tradie with a dream and I want you to be a part of my story. This is our blog Tattered Passport. Tattered Passport because when I was trying to figure out a name, I was sitting in a cafe in Nepal with some fellow travellers holding my passport. It was wrecked, it showed the scars of all the places I have visited, it represented so many stories, so many memories, it was tattered, and the name was born.

Travel and adventure has been bred into me by my two amazing parents, June and Andy. My dad fled Russia and spent most of his life on the road and in  2012 my wife and I followed his footsteps from Nerchinsk Siberia the village he was born in, right through to Shanghai where he grew up. My mum June, grew up in outback Australia constantly moving as her father built the railway. They had nothing so mum and her brothers and sisters made there own adventures. I spent much of my childhood in the back of camper vans travelling around Australia, We had this big old Comma that Dad painted in the colours of Australia’s, Americas Cup winning team. It was crammed with my two parents, June and Andy my sisters, Suzan and Pam and brothers Frank and Ray.

You guys can help me and everyone who watches these videos. You can keep me searching, keep me honest. Be part of this community by inspiring others to follow their dreams, to go on a search of their own. I would love to hear about your dreams, what do you search for, what do you want to achieve? Write them in the comments lets search together.

One Life, One Search,

Peace Out,


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    • Yes it is Andrew, so importanat, I had times through out my last trip where i didn’t update my travel journel, I will not make that mistake this time. Very important to write it all down. I found myself taking photo’s of signs as well. If i went to a temple i would take a photo of the name of the temple. That way when you go through your 1000’s of photos you would know which temple it was.

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