On our way to Kathmandu: Bangkok to Kathmandu.

After a year of planning and preparing we are actually flying to Nepal. As some of you are aware we have been raising awareness and some much needed funds for beyondblue. Beyondblue assist those suffering from anxiety and depression. After a close friend lost her uncle to depression we decided to do something. We all decided on climbing to Mt Everest Base Camp and to support beyondblue. We approached beyondblue and BeyondEverest project was born.

We landed safely in Kathmandu and surprising it was much easier to negotiate the infamous Tribhuvan International Airport than I anticipated. Once we were settled at the luxurious 5 star Raddisson Hotel we decided to sit and have a beer and some dinner at the Roof Top bar. A really nice way to finish off the long day.

mykombiandi, Kathmandu

Checking out the Epic view from the roof top bar.

Daily Vlog:
Bangkok to Kathmandu.


We are in Kathmandu!!!!

Mykombiandi, Kathmandu

Nepali Beer. The famous Gorkha.

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Have you been to Kathmandu? Do you have any suggestions of cool places to see and do?



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Getting Lost in Bangkok: Daily Vlog

The day after our SongKran experience I thought that I would go and get a relaxing massage. Turns out that you can not get a relaxing massage in Thailand. I got turned into a pretzel. I came out bruised and battered and in need of another massage. Any way I had some spare time after getting beaten up for an hour and thought that I would lose myself in the chaos that is Bangkok. It turned out to be an EPIC day. Check out the Vlog and let us know your getting lost in strange cities stories.


Chilling out with the Turtles.



Shane in front of some Gold thingy


Bangkok street art

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Getting Wet at Songkran: Daily Vlog: 2 2014!

Happy New Year Thailand. The Thai really know how to celebrate, and they know how to throw a giant country wide party. It is such a great atmosphere, there is music everywhere you go, people dancing in the streets and you can not go anywhere without getting wet.

Even though the celebrations are throughout the country, in Bangkok the main party area is Khao San Road, the Backpacker district. So we decided to jump in a cab and make our way to the party zone. The traffic was so thick that we decided to get out a little earlier and walk the rest of the way. As soon as we opened the door of the Taxi we were drenched. We new we needed to get a water pistol quick smart. Once we were armed we joined in the festivities and instantly were covered in mud, well this powered/ water mix stuff. We made our way through the chaos and to the entrance of Khao San Road, which they had blocked off and a huge entrance gate set up with a metal detector. The crowed was very well behaved and everyone was having such a great time.

Songkran Festival

Entering the Chaos


Party hard at Songkran

Songkran 2014

Songkran 2014, Khao San Road

Songkran street food

Songkran Street food

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#100happydays Day:20 – 22

Well it has been an incredible couple of days and we are on the verge of an EPIC couple of weeks. Here are the last couple of days #100happydays pics.


Songkran Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok, mykombiandi

Queens Park Bangkok

Kathmandu Sunset

We make it to Kathmandu

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Let the adventure begin: Daily Vlog: 1

Well after a year of organising, training and preparing the time has come for us to jump on a plane and get this adventure started. Our first stop is Bangkok Thailand to celebrate Songkran festival. We all head to the Perth International airport, have breakie with our family and say our goodbyes. It has been a BIG year for all involved in the BeyondEverest project and I would like to send out a BIG thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way. You can still donate to our supporters page and help us raise much need funds for beyond blue.

BeyondEverest project

Getting ready to board our plane

Thai Airways, Mykombiandi

That is the BIG bird that is taking us to Bangkok

We land in Bangkok after a great flight with Thai Airways, I would recommend Thai Airways, the service is great and the aircraft was new and very spacious. Saying that they are a little more expensive than I am normally used to, I tend to lean towards the budget airlines to save money. The Taxi rank at the Bangkok airport is hectic but it works. There is a lady that sits and organises the Taxi’s for you and they even sort out the fare before you get in the Taxi. Just a TIP for Bangkok, sort out the fare before you get in a Taxi or ask for it to be metered. Some taxi drivers will attempt to inflate the fare for tourists.

Powerlines, mykombiandi

Powerlines Thai Style

One of the things that got my attention were the power lines. You see I am a Electrician and I work on High Voltage Power Lines. I just loved how the power lines are just loose pieces of wire tied together and strung over poles and in amongst trees. I understand that they use insulated wires here but it is so different that what I am used to working on and that is why i love it.

Day 1 in Bangkok pretty much just had us exploring the market place, a beer at the pool bar and quick swim. As it is Songkran we were treated to a free dinner and traditional music and dancing.

Thai Dancing, Mykombiandi

Songkran festival, Thai Traditional Dancing

As you know I have been playing around with Vlogging as well. I am going to attempt to Vlog a bunch of this trip and hopefully I can get it all up on here quickly. Anyway here is the first day of our adventure.

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Re-focusing my Focus. Nepal? Tibet? Bhutan???

I have realised that I have lost my focus of resent, I know that sounds odd but I feel it and now I can see it. Now my challenge is to re-focus on my current project. In 8 weeks I leave on the most extreme adventure of my life and an opportunity to help out a very important charity.

This project all started way back when I was backpacking through China. My wife and I had planned on straying from following my dad’s footsteps as he fled from Russia through China down to Shanghai and made a decision to head to Beijing so we could visit the Great Wall of China. However the day we had planned on going up it snowed, and it

Mykombiandi snowed in Beijing

Snowed in means no Great Wall!

snowed hard for a week. So we didn’t get our chance to visit this remarkable ancient wonder. However it did give us a chance to really wonder around Beijing and get to know this cool city. One day we found ourselves in an interesting travel agency. The Tibetan flags in the window captured me. I have always wanted to visit Tibet, it is just a place that intrigues me.  So that day I said that I would go to Tibet! I had no idea when or how but I was going there. Fast forward 6 months and we were back in Australia and back in our “Real Lives”. The ones that I just don’t like and just do not want to be in, the ones where it just doesn’t feel right. So we started to make plans to travel again. We dropped in to the Adventure Store in Perth and found a cool trip to Nepal and Everest Base Camp, which just so happens to be rather close to Tibet??? So we decided we are going to Everest Base Camp!!!

I find myself very lucky “to have been born in the here and now” thanks Jack Scott from “Perking the Pansies” for that quote. I feel it is important for someone who is so lucky to support those that are not. So my wife and I started to think, what if we support a charity on this trek? We got talking to a close friend Mel who said she wanted to come on this adventure and suggested a charity that is very close to her heart, “beyondblue”. So it was set, we were completing a 22-day trek to Mt Everest Base Camp and raising money for beyondblue, who help people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Cutting to the chase, we contacted beyondblue and became an official fundraiser, we then started up our Facebook page and the “BeyondEverest project” was formed. Please drop by the BeyondEverest project Facebook page and please like!!! It would mean the world to us, maybe give us some advice on the trek? Have you been there done that before? Any words of wisdom you feel we should know? We would all love to hear from you.

Now I was thinking while I am in that neck of the woods I would really like to see the countries that have intrigued me, Tibet and Bhutan. Tibet because of the mystique behind the country and Bhutan because I just want to visit a country that “Gross National Happiness” is more important than “Gross National Product”. I want to experience countries that peace and love is just a part of day-to-day life not the hustle and bustle of the major cities and to see what is really happening there???

When were planning the trip we decided to stop off in Bangkok for a few days prior to the trek. Just to have some relax time and to mentally prepare for the trek. We had no idea that we had planned to be there at the exact time of Songkran festival, Thai New Year! So we booked a few more days there. That festival looks EPIC!

So now I have 8 weeks left to get my head right and prepare my mind and body for an extreme adventure which I think writing this post has really helped. Everest base camp is over

Mykombiandi in Training

Training Hard! On top of Bluff Knoll Western Australia

5360m above sea level so the lack of oxygen is a worry for me. I have been training hard, so I am fit and healthy but the altitude sickness is always in the back of my mind. There is no way to know how your body will handle the extreme altitude until you are there. I will be taking plenty of photos and I will be taking my video camera so I can Vlog the trek. So to keep posted on the trek please check out my YouTube Channel and hit the Subscribe button.

Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me blurt out my feelings tonight. It means so much to me that you guys read my posts, I feel that I am growing a real friendship with you all. This post has really helped me regain my focus on this project and hopefully I have new energy towards everything involved in it!

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