Hiking the Bluff.

Well our 1st day of hiking in the stirling ranges was on a stinking hot day, approx. 38 degrees C and with no wind. It didn’t help that around 20 minutes into the hike we heard a blood curdling scream and was wondering what type of animal was getting eaten and what was eating it???

The day had us at Bluff Knoll the highest peak in the Stirling Range reaching 1099m. The track is amazing and the views are breathtaking. We had been here only a few months before and we could really see the effect that the harsh Australian summer has on our tough natural landscape. There were many shades of dead everywhere, but some how this to is beautiful. We interrupted a huge lizard that was sunning himself in the early morning sun and watched as some birds of prey circled above our heads whilst we looked over the vast landscape from the summit.

Bluff Knoll, mykombiandi

Looking out over the southern side of Bluff Knoll

The heat was horrible and we were sweating badly. We retreated to shade when ever we could and were hoping for some breeze soon. Kristy found some relief on a large rock that was still cool from the night before. When we rounded the mountain and we could see the Albany coast we were treated to a nice breeze, even if it were only for a brief moment. It is from this point where you once again are treated to an incredible view of the South West Coast. From now on the track gets very cool, it disappears into nothing, with only a few signs pointing you in the correct direction.


Training for Everest Base Camp

Once at the top you are treated to one of the best views you will find in WA. I always find myself contemplating life when I find myself in these magical places. Standing a top a mountain in my home country really made me feel proud of Australia and how lucky we have it here.

We had planned on checking out Mt Trio that afternoon however we decided that it was just way to hot. So we jumped in the car and drove the short 80km drive to Albany to go for a swim and find an ice cream. That swim was incredible and one of the best soft serve ice creams ever. I later found out that the Ice-cream truck was owned by one of my work mates grand dads, how cool is that?

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sunset mt trio

Sunset over our campsite

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Camping FAIL: How to put up a Tent with no poles.

Well we headed down to The Stirling Range National Park a “short” 5 hour drive south of Perth, Western Australia for some much needed training for our up and coming hike in April. As you guys know we have been training pretty hard for about a year now preparing ourselves to hike to Mt Everest Base Camp. The three of us founded BeyondEverest project and are raising much needed funds and awareness for a charity very close to our hearts, beyondblue. Beyondblue assist those suffering from depression and anxiety and every dollar we raise goes straight to them.

Anyway we headed down in Kristy’s little Suzuki instead of the Kombi this time. You see the Kombi died on the side of the road 2 months ago now and is going to cost me a bucket load to get back on the road, hopefully I get my baby back soon. So instead of staying in the Kombi we borrowed my mums tent, thanks mum. After the 5 hour drive down there we start to set up the tent and realise that we have no poles. Can you say FAIL??? Camping lesson #1: Always check your gear. Check out this Vlog and see what happens when when we do not check our gear!

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A Mountain, A 30ft Giant Ram and a Kombi

My wife and I packed up the Kombi the other week and hit the open road. We were in desperate need to get away for a few days. You see, we are in saving mode again, this time to build our dream home on our little slice of heaven 1 hour north of Perth Western Australia. I will write a post about that little gem another day. We are living with the in-laws with my wife’s brother and girlfriend in a 3×1 home in suburban Perth. It is a little cramped at times to say the least. Anyway, we packed up the Kombi and drove the 5 1/2 hour drive from Perth to Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Range National Park, in the breathtaking Great Southern Region of Western Australia. We had guessed it would take us closer to 7 hours in the Kombi but we were in no rush and we love the journey as much as the destination.

So Saturday morning came and we fuelled up and were greeted by another Kombi and wished him a great day out surfing and we were on our way. The first hour is pretty much just on the Freeway and then onto the new Forrest Hwy. This new road has opened up the south west and made it so much easier and faster to get down there. We drove through the picturesque sleepy town of Pinjarra that is seriously benefiting from the influx of passing traffic now. We then followed the winding roads and the flowing hills through Dwellingup. We passed through towns like Boddington, Williams, Arthur River, Kojonup, Tenterden and finally stopping for our last fuel up in Mt Barker. We turned off Albany Hwy and headed into The Stirling Range National Park, we were soon graced with our first sight of the beautiful Stirling Ranges. They stand strong and proud almost standing guard over the Great Southern Region. We wound our way through the farmland getting glimpses of the range between trees and paddocks and strangely enough a very bushy golf course. We were soon heading into the shadows and were greeted by the grandeur of the range. I was starting to get excited and even felt my heart rate climb as I knew in an hour I would be climbing my first trail for the weekend at Mt Trio. We found our camp ground, staked our claim and drove to the base of Mt Trio, dodged a bobtail lizard that was sunning himself on the gravel road, chucked on the sunscreen and started the accent.

Bloody hell the flies, the flies were so bad it was almost unbearable. There was no talking as we were to scared to open or mouths in fear of a swarm of flies making their home in there. The first 30minutes were so steep and hot it was quite difficult. But as we made it to the first pass we were stopped in our tracks by the view.

Mt Trio, Stirling Range National Park

Stopped in my Tracks

Mt Trio, Stirling Range National Park

Half way up

We took a short break and were relieved we were out of the valley with a slight breeze. The flies had buggered off and it was much cooler, actually very pleasant. We pushed on and made it to the top. We were surprised to only have bumped into only one pair of hikers on the way up. At the top it was windy but the view was breath taking. Mt Trio is only a small mountain but it is up there with the best in WA. It reaches 856m and consists of 3 peaks joined by a “Saddle” The trail is 3kms return and is said to take 1.5 – 2 hrs. We made it to the top in 40mins and down in 30mins.

Mt Trio, Stirling Range National Park

At the Top

Mt Trio, Stirling Range National Park

We made it

That night we camped at the Moingup Springs campground in the National Park, a Departments of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) campground. There is a ranger that collects your $10 per person per night fee. Which I felt was little steep for a camp ground but it doesn’t really bother me as that money does go to the National Park. The campground facilities were nice, there were proper toilets, not the drop dunnies that we are use to at these campgrounds.

Moingup Campground

The Kombi

In the morning we woke up early-ish and headed to Bluff Knoll, signed in the visitors register and started to wind our way up the road to the base. The base has great facilities, toilets, picnic areas and some shelter. The road up to the base is an experience in itself. We had to take it slow in the Kombi and at one stage I needed to shift down into 1st gear. Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the Stirling range and one of the most spectacular views in WA. Bluff Knoll is a mere 1095m so only a small mole hill compared to the worlds great mountains, but here in our very flat country Bluff Knoll is very unique. At the car park, lets call it “Base Camp” you get a jaw dropping view of the mountain and a giddy feeling of what the view from the top is going to be like. We got our kits together and started the climb. We were using this hike as a part of our training for Everest Base Camp Trek in April next year so we packed our kits up to 10kg. It was interesting as we passed many people who were making there way down with only one water bottle and hiking in runners. They would of all looked at us strangely. We had on full Alpine Hiking boots, hiking pants, full day kits with water bottles hanging off them.

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

Our travel mascots

The hike is beautiful. There was wildlife scrambling around. We saw a large lizard, drank water from a fresh water spring and stopped regularly to take in the view. On the southern side of the mountain the wind picked up which was a welcome relief. The day was so clear that we could see the ocean approximately 40km in the distance. It is at this point were you start to realise how high you are and then you seem to get that little bit more energy and pick up the pace to get the top. The last 30 minutes is a real hike, your out in the open, the flora changes into this low lying scrub that is scratchy. Lucky we were wearing our hiking pants hey! At places the track disappears and you find yourself walking up a creek bed. The rocky out crops we could see from base camp start to appear and soon you see a little sign that says 250m to the summit).

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

Fresh water creek

One and a half hours after we started we were having our morning tea sitting at the top finding ourselves just gazing out into the vast flatness of the country side, from this perch high up in the sky. From our rocky seats we could see for miles over farmland, over the other mountains and over to the sea. It was an amazing moment. It was windy but we did not care, I could of stayed there all day. However we did have the big drive back to Perth so we started our decent. Forty-five minutes later with few sore knees, we were back in the Kombi, refreshing ourselves and getting ready to find our way home.

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

At the Top, checking out the view

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

Ill let the view speak for its self

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

King of the Mountain

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

My beautiful Wife Kristy at the top

We decided to take a different way home and I was hoping that I could get us to Wagin so I could get a photo of the Kombi infront of the famous Giant Ram. We ended up taking this ridiculous way home but we got there. The amazing thing was we found ourselves in Broomehill around lunch time and at this little Winery/ cafe by the name of “Henry Jones Winery & Cafe. Now if you ever happen to be anywhere near Broomehill you must drop in and say hi to Annabel and Jim. These two lovely people own the winery and have rescued the beautiful old building from demolition. They are renovating the corner store that also has the original town bakery and the original wood oven, butcher and now a art store. Annabel gave us a tour through her pride and joy, I cannot wait to get back there and visit her again. The food wine is to die for.

The Giant Ram, Wagin

I just had to get a photo

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