Thinking on the Tower of Pisa

We all left Venice with sore heads and headed towards Florence. Our Contiki coach wound its way through the Apennine Mountains and through the breathtaking Tuscan country side to the “Renaissance” city of Florence. We stopped at one of the most recognisable site in Europe, The Leaning Tower of Pisa or simple “Tower of Pisa”.

The Tower of Pisa's massive lean

The unique Leaning Tower of Pisa

This very unique structure obviously was never designed to lean. However during construction the famous tilt began, caused by an inadequate foundation. I completed my apprenticeship in the construction industry and am well aware of the importance of a good foundation. Something that that caught my eye on this tower is you can see that the builders attempted to rectify the tilt. Near the top you notice that they have adjusted the levels in an attempt to correct the tilt. This just adds to the uniqueness of this bazaar tourist attraction.

Inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa gardens

Inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa gardens

When we arrived at the Leaning Tower of Pisa we were given a challenge, everyone who visits the tower all ways takes one of the famous photos of the tower, you know the one. The one where you look like you are holding the tower up. Well we were given the challenge of the “Most Unique Photo” of the tower, would win a 6 pack of beer. Now we’re backpacking on Contiki so you could imagine free beer was a BIG prize, so everyone was thinking of the winning shot. We had people standing on top, the usual holding up photo, the boys did the giant doodle photo, we even had one bloke do the “Sneaky Nut” on top of the tower a rather unique one, but I took out the prize. I took the “thinking” of the most unique picture quite literally and posed as “The Thinker” sitting on top of the Tower. Yay for me a 6 pack of beer, which funnily enough was used as payment to a local when our coach driver got lost in Albania, but that is another story.

I loved Florence, pity I have no photos of the beautiful city, thanks to a swift, dodgy traveller in Rome. Sorry I bet you are all getting sick of me talking about my DSLR getting stolen. The city is so beautiful and full of those little places that I just love getting lost in. Those little back streets with cool little shops, bars and art work. The artwork in Florence is a little bit extra awesome, Michelangelo awesome. We visited The Statue of David; Ponte Vecchio the Medieval stone bridge over the Arno River, which has some cool shops on it; the Medici Palace; the awe inspiring Duomo Cathedral; Basilica Santa Croce; Giotto’s Bell Tower; the Baptistery and Piazza della Signoria.

 We were treated to the usual Contiki stop at Leonardo’s leather making and watched as they showed us the regions traditional art. That night we headed out for a Tuscan dinner and partied on at the Florence’s biggest club, Space Electronic Disco. Where we were treated to amazing Karaoke and some very bad drunken mumbling into the mike. At one stage I had two glow sticks through my ears. Once again in the morning we were packing up our tents and hitting the road to Rome.

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One Life, One Search.

Contiki, Florence

10 litre Beer? YES PLEASE!

Contiki Florence

1 massive Cocktail at Red Garter Karaoke

Contiki, florence

The boys and their 10 litre beer

Contiki Florence

Sing your heart out boys!

Contiki Florence

The tiny little Karaoke bar completely packed out!

Contiki Florence

More Karaoke and a Gremlin