Ancient Brothels and Lemocello

This day was a whirl-wind day, we started in Rome, had lunch in Capri and dinner in Sorrento. We started early, on a ferry ride from Rome to the Island of Capri where we could get a glimpse of the “High Life”. This Island is for the rich and famous. It was so expensive we could hardly afford to buy lunch and a few beers stretched the budget and almost destroyed a few of the younger Contiki crew members. We got together for drinks and hired a little dingy, so we could see some of the famous spots.

Nathan and Shane in their Dingy

Cruising around Capri, backpacker style

It was a bit of a rush as we had to catch the ferry back to the mainland for dinner that night in Sorrento. We drove the boat to the Blue Grotto and jumped in for a swim. The water was blue as blue and so clear you could easily see the bottom. This was an added bonus as we could see the rocks lying on the sea bed. As we were leaving we noticed another bunch of travellers who were stuck right up close to the cliff in their hire boat. They had dropped anchor exactly where they were told not to, on the shallow rocks. We couldn’t leave them like that so we went over and gave them a hand. We pulled up along side them, tied a rope to their dinghy and pulled them off the rock that their anchor was attached to. Once they were free we carried onto the amazing Hole in the Rock (Scopolo) which we were told “DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH” the Hole in Rock.

The hole in the rock

Do not drive through the hole in the rock

We seriously thought about driving through, it was huge but our better judgement decided not to. We carried on, having a few drinks, stopping now and then for a swim and bumping into some of our friends.

Isle of Capri

Swimming in the bluest water

The Blue Grotto

How blue is that water???

Now when I say that Capri is for the Rich and Famous, I am not pulling your leg. Check this Mega Yacht out. This private Mega Yacht was chilling out in its own private bay. It was HUGE!!!! We struggled to get the entire thing in a photo. I could not see anyone other then the workers on the yacht. There were people cleaning the many levels of decks, some people painting the boat and what I think was an electrician changing a few light bulbs, I was thinking that could be me.

That night we found ourselves walking the skinny side streets in Sorrento, over looking the sheer cliffs and over the magnificent views of the coast and the Bay of Naples. My wife was in heaven tasting the delicious local liqueur Lemoncello. Which we ended up buying some hand painted bottles in the shape of an “Italian Boot”.

The painting's on the wall


The next morning we stepped back in time to check out the well preserved ancient ruins of the infamous city of Pompei. This place amazed me as it has amazed millions of people. It was incredible to see the remains of ancient life frozen in history. I think our tour guide made the experience even more memorable. He was a legend and just oozed passion for Pompei.

Pompei resident

It was amazing how they found these people

Pompei Ruins

Beautiful day to explore Pompei

Pompei Ruins

Pompei Brothel

How would you like it sir?

I found the worlds oldest industry in Pompei very interesting. I don’t really know what that says about me but it was interesting for me, coming from a country town in regional Western Australia that is well known for its colourful history of brothels. We walked through one of Pompei’s brothels and there were still well preserved paintings on the wall. The tour guide explained that the paintings were a kind of “menu”.

Pompei Brothel

Menu sir???

Pompei Brothel

Comfy beds

Pompei Brothel

Penis Paver

I remember a story that the guide told us. He said that if you were wondering around the maze like winding, skinny streets of Pompei, how could you find a brothel? He said this looking down and we all noticed the penis shaped paving brick that we were standing around. Apparently the direction of the penis directs you to the nearest brothel. An ingenious way I think?

Mt Vesuvius

View over The Bay of Naples

After visiting Pompei we were treated to a surprise trip up tp Mt Vesuvius. The drive up was impressive, with really tight turns and sheer cliffs drops at the edge of the road. Our awesome coach driver Rado got to show his skills behind the wheel of the huge Contiki coach. The path up to the volcano rim was riddled with loose rocks that if it were not for the volcano I was certain were there to trip you up. Once at the top we were treated with an amazing view over The Bay of Naples.

Mt Vesuvius

At the top of the Volcano that buried Pompei

Mt Vesuvius

There is always someone trying to sell you something.

That night we boarded an over night boat from Italy to Greece, ready to get our party on in Corfu.

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