My Bucket List

Everyone has their “Bucket List”, some leave it as a list, and some live their lives to their lists. Up until recently my life was heading down a path that I thought was my path. Then suddenly I had the courage to break out and make the changes I needed to. Since then my list has grown and so have I. Please follow me on my quest to kick my bucket list. Follow me on all the adventures my dreams will take me and come along on this amazing journey which is “Life”.

  • Complete the Inca Trail,
  • See The Pyramids,
  • Learn to snowboard,
  • Skydive,
  • Drive on the Autobahn Germany,
  • Backpack through Europe,
  • Backpack through Asia,
  • Complete the Trans-Siberian Railway,
  • Visit the town where my Dad was born, Nerchinsk,
  • Visit the town where my Mum was born, Goomalling,
  • Follow my Dad’s footsteps from Nerchinsk to Shanghai,
  • Follow my Mum’s footsteps from Goomalling to Perth,
  • Live overseas,
  • Travel for free,
  • Work for Nat Geo or Discovery,
  • Learn another language,
  • Learn Photography,
  • Learn Video-ography+ editing,
  • Run my own Business,
  • Write a travel blog!,
  • Live sustainably,
  • Own a Kombi,
  • Travel around Australia in a Kombi,
  • Learn to fly a Micro-light aircraft,
  • Learn t ride a motorbike,
  • Travel around Australia in a Micro-light,
  • Complete an overseas cross in a Micro-light,
  • Travel around Australia on a motorbike,
  • See all 7 Wonders of the Ancient World,
  • See all 7 Wonders of the New World,
  • See all 7 Wonders of the Natural World,
  • Hike the Himalayas,
  • Visit all 7 continents,
  • Learn to Surf,
  • Learn to Scuba Dive,
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter,
  • Volunteer for conservation/ rehabilitation,
  • Compete at Tough Truck,
  • Raise money for a charity,
  • Run my own Charity,
  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef,
  • Walk the Entire length of the Bibbulmun Track,
  • Convert to Vegetarianism,
  • Walk the Kokoda Trail,
  • Complete a Permaculture Design Course, PDC,
  • Complete up to a Diploma in Permaculture,
  • Ride in a Hot Air Balloon,
  • Travel Sustainable,
  • Play the Nullarbor Links,
  • Complete the Hippie Trail,
  • Hike Mt Kilimanjaro,
  • Trek on the Great Wall of China,
  • Go on an African Safari,
  • Visit Antarctica,
  • Watch an AFL Grand Final at the MCG,
  • Go to Bathurst,
  • Compete in the Avon Descent,
  • Learn to sail,
  • Visit the Bermuda Triangle,
  • Compete the Road of Bones,
  • Compete the Death Road,
  • See the Northern Lights,
  • Run a Marathon,
  • Get into the Guinness Book of World Records,
  • Be in a TV Show,
  • Re-build a car from ground up,
  • Climb the Highest Peaks in Australia,
  • Climb the State8, Highest peak in all Australian states,
  • Visit the Sahara Desert,
  • Watch land diving Pentecost,
  • Visit the Amazon,
  • Complete the Canning Stock Route,
  • Complete the Gunbarrel Hwy,
  • Run with the Bulls,
  • Go to La-Tomatina,
  • Ride a Gondala in Venice,
  • Swim with Dolphins,
  • Swim with Sharks (Cage Dive),
  • Swim with Whale Sharks,
  • Learn to Abseil,
  • Go Caving,
  • Go White Water Rafting,
  • Buy our Dream block,
  • Build our Dream home,
  • Watch the Mardi-Gras Sydney,
  • Watch the Carnaval in Brazil,
  • Visit San-Francisco,
  • Watch the Russian Ballet in Russia,
  • Visit Niagara Falls,
  • Climb Uluru,
  • See the Eiffel Tower,
  • See the Leaning Tower of Piza,
  • See Stonehenge,
  • Ride a motorbike around the world,
  • Complete The Great Himalaya trail,

11 thoughts on “My Bucket List

    • Thanks two thumbs. Yeah it is, i decided to put mine into text after reading “bucket list publications” blog. I look forward to trying to tick as many as I possibly can off this list each year.
      Have fun, stay safe and enjoy life.
      One life, one search.

    • Thanks Soundtrack Of The Youth. I need top start to update it. As I have been ticking them off! It is a great way to keep you focused on your dreams and not to let the “Real world” get you down.
      One Life, One Search

  1. What a fantastic young man you are!
    Good Luck on your Bucket List! I know you will achieve them all.
    Following your adventures, Shane!

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