The Ethical Road Trip: Australia

The Ethical Road Trip started out as just another adventure, but grew into something that I am super proud of. I could never of imagined what I would learn on this epic journey.

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The Beginning of the adventure

Early in the planning process we decided to support a cause, but what cause? Mental Health was the obvious answer for us. We have supported beyondblue in a previous adventure and mental health is very close to our hearts. We contacted headspace, well aware of what they do and who they help. Headspace is the Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12- 25 year olds.

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Nullarbor Sunset

Young people are living in a world that is so different from when I was growing up. The pressures of online lifestyles, effects young people in a way I could never imagine. When I was at school I was bullied, but the bullying stopped at school. These days every one has a smart phone which allows the bullying to come home with you, the bullying doesn’t stop, and this is only the start. There are so many issues and levels to youth mental health.

The Ethical Road Trip saw my wife Kristy and I drive a whopping 8500km from Perth to Hobart in our 1976 Kombi. The trip took us 4 weeks and we had the time of our lives. Yes we saw some incredible places like Wave Rock, Esperance’s beautiful beaches, we crossed the Nullarbor, drove on the 90 Mile Straight, Australia’s longest straight road, visited The Great Australian Bite, drove along the Great Ocean Road, watched the sunset over the 12 Apostles, climbed a mountain and saw Tasmania’s natural beauty first hand. What we got from this journey was much more than just beautiful sites, we had time to talk, we had time to enjoy the journey, we had time to take in the experience, we fell in love all over again. A road trip is much more than a road trip, a road trip is an experience like no other, an opportunity to live your life.

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The first stop Wave Rock Hyden

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The best beaches in the world

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Australia’s Longest Straight Road

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The Great Australian Bite

Help us help headspace, you can donate via “The Ethical Road Trip” everyday hero page, or can help raise awareness by simply sharing this post and starting the conversation around mental health.

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Uluru Sunrise

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Our View from the Kombi

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A perfect day at Cradle Mountain

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Kombi’s in Adelaide. The Ethical Road Trip

The Kombi Crew have not been able to use the sliding door of our Kombi for a week now. We have been climbing through the front door. Its been a little awkward, specially now that there are 3 of us living in the van. However we are approaching a major city and a local VW shop believes he may have the parts to repair the hinge.

South Australia and Adelaide has completely blown we me away, the city centre has some amazing buildings and is right next to the lush green rolling hills.

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Playing with shining things


Reeds at Sunset

On The Ethical Road Trip, we are supporting Headspace  and the work that they do in Youth Mental Health. You can support headspace by simply sharing this post or by donating via our Everyday hero page.

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