Quad Biking On Sea Ice: Antarctica

Even in the most remote, isolated and extreme place on earth, there is still space to have some fun.

Living and working in Antarctica brings some unique challenges you just do not get working in capital cities or even in remote mine sites. The isolation here means we can not get parts delivered until summer, the extreme temperatures can freeze anything, and the wind has been known to even blow away the anemometer, the device that gives us the wind speed reading.

So you can imagine we are kept busy by these conditions. However you know the old proverb “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” So what do we do for fun?

Tattered Passport

Curtis Bureaux asked a question

On station we have plenty of things to occupy our free time. In the bar area we have a dart board, pool table, table tennis and a soccer table. We also have a Gym and a climbing wall. However this week the Sea Ice in the recreation area has been opened allowing us to travel on the sea ice. We went out with the FTO (Field Training Officer) to conduct our Sea Ice Travel Training, we learnt how to measure the sea ice thickness, how to read the maps and where we are allowed to go.

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We land at the Worlds most dangerous Airstrip. Lukla: Daily Vlog; Day 3.

One of the parts of this adventure that I was looking forward to the most was the flight to the infamous Lukla Airstrip. The day started early and you could feel the anxiety in our group starting to build. I was getting more excited and when saw the aircraft I knew this was going to be cool flight.

mykombiandi, lukla.

The BeyondEverest project crew waiting for our flight.


mykombiandi, Lukla

Getting excited for a flight.


It is a strange feeling when you start to fly and you just keep going up and up. You can feel the aircraft preparing to land but it is not descending. Then all of a sudden you see a mountain very close to the wing of the plane and then you land.

Check out the Daily Vlog, Day 3.


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Let the adventure begin: Daily Vlog: 1

Well after a year of organising, training and preparing the time has come for us to jump on a plane and get this adventure started. Our first stop is Bangkok Thailand to celebrate Songkran festival. We all head to the Perth International airport, have breakie with our family and say our goodbyes. It has been a BIG year for all involved in the BeyondEverest project and I would like to send out a BIG thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way. You can still donate to our supporters page and help us raise much need funds for beyond blue.

BeyondEverest project

Getting ready to board our plane

Thai Airways, Mykombiandi

That is the BIG bird that is taking us to Bangkok

We land in Bangkok after a great flight with Thai Airways, I would recommend Thai Airways, the service is great and the aircraft was new and very spacious. Saying that they are a little more expensive than I am normally used to, I tend to lean towards the budget airlines to save money. The Taxi rank at the Bangkok airport is hectic but it works. There is a lady that sits and organises the Taxi’s for you and they even sort out the fare before you get in the Taxi. Just a TIP for Bangkok, sort out the fare before you get in a Taxi or ask for it to be metered. Some taxi drivers will attempt to inflate the fare for tourists.

Powerlines, mykombiandi

Powerlines Thai Style

One of the things that got my attention were the power lines. You see I am a Electrician and I work on High Voltage Power Lines. I just loved how the power lines are just loose pieces of wire tied together and strung over poles and in amongst trees. I understand that they use insulated wires here but it is so different that what I am used to working on and that is why i love it.

Day 1 in Bangkok pretty much just had us exploring the market place, a beer at the pool bar and quick swim. As it is Songkran we were treated to a free dinner and traditional music and dancing.

Thai Dancing, Mykombiandi

Songkran festival, Thai Traditional Dancing

As you know I have been playing around with Vlogging as well. I am going to attempt to Vlog a bunch of this trip and hopefully I can get it all up on here quickly. Anyway here is the first day of our adventure.

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