ANTARCTICA: Bubbles Freeze in Mid Air

“Whats an everyday thing you could you get up to besides your job?”
TomPTV asked.


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Most of my spare time down here at Mawson Station, is spent outside with my camera. Well that is when it is possible to get out side, between the epic Blizzards and sub -30C temps. On station we have heaps of activities to keep us occupied, like our climbing wall, dart board, pool table, table tennis, a cinema, well it is a very small cinema, a gym, a spa and even a sauna. Around station we are able to walk across to West Arm, which is a short walk and gives a pretty cool view over the station.

This day was a perfect day to be outside, a chilly -25C but no wind, which gave us the opportunity to try something that we have heard about, Freezing Bubbles. We made up some bubble solution in boiling water and quickly ran outside. As the bubbles were floating away you could actually see the ice form, it was pretty cool to watch.

If you have any questions about this post or anything about my time down here, please ask like TomPTV did and i’ll see if I can do a video on it.

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