The Ethical Road Trip: Australia

The Ethical Road Trip started out as just another adventure, but grew into something that I am super proud of. I could never of imagined what I would learn on this epic journey.

Tattered Passport

The Beginning of the adventure

Early in the planning process we decided to support a cause, but what cause? Mental Health was the obvious answer for us. We have supported beyondblue in a previous adventure and mental health is very close to our hearts. We contacted headspace, well aware of what they do and who they help. Headspace is the Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12- 25 year olds.

Tattered Passport

Nullarbor Sunset

Young people are living in a world that is so different from when I was growing up. The pressures of online lifestyles, effects young people in a way I could never imagine. When I was at school I was bullied, but the bullying stopped at school. These days every one has a smart phone which allows the bullying to come home with you, the bullying doesn’t stop, and this is only the start. There are so many issues and levels to youth mental health.

The Ethical Road Trip saw my wife Kristy and I drive a whopping 8500km from Perth to Hobart in our 1976 Kombi. The trip took us 4 weeks and we had the time of our lives. Yes we saw some incredible places like Wave Rock, Esperance’s beautiful beaches, we crossed the Nullarbor, drove on the 90 Mile Straight, Australia’s longest straight road, visited The Great Australian Bite, drove along the Great Ocean Road, watched the sunset over the 12 Apostles, climbed a mountain and saw Tasmania’s natural beauty first hand. What we got from this journey was much more than just beautiful sites, we had time to talk, we had time to enjoy the journey, we had time to take in the experience, we fell in love all over again. A road trip is much more than a road trip, a road trip is an experience like no other, an opportunity to live your life.

Tattered Passport

The first stop Wave Rock Hyden

Tattered Passport

The best beaches in the world

Tattered Passport

Australia’s Longest Straight Road

Tattered Passport

The Great Australian Bite

Help us help headspace, you can donate via “The Ethical Road Trip” everyday hero page, or can help raise awareness by simply sharing this post and starting the conversation around mental health.

Tattered Passport

Uluru Sunrise

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Tattered Passport

Our View from the Kombi

Tattered Passport

A perfect day at Cradle Mountain

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Mish Adventures of Mish in Kombi Confessions

G’day from Perth Western Australia, Its Friday so it means another episode of Kombi Confessions.Where I interview a bunch of amazing people all across Australia in my 1976 Kombi.

Today we have a Perth YouTuber, MotoVlogger, Photographer, Michelle from MishAdventuresofMish.

Mish is an inspirational person, chasing her dreams and living the life that she wants. Absolutely amazing.

Go check her out:
Twitter: @michecake
Snapchat: @Babymicko
Instagram: @Babymicko

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Wave Rock, Road Trip: Western Australia

We finally make it to Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia after the chaos with the Kombi’s door falling off! Wave Rock is a beautiful natural rock formation in a town called Hyden in Western Australia’s wheat belt region.

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Pinnacles and Sandboarding Tour: Tours With A Twist, Western Australia

I am so proud of my home state WA, the beaches are beautiful, the rivers are amazing, the bush is uniquely West Australian and the weather is perfect, well most of the time. So when I had the chance to showcase WA to my mate Lukey D on his trip to WA for the WA YouTube meet up I was pretty stoked and organised a day out with my sister Suzan on her “Tours With A Twist” Pinnacles and Sand Boarding tour. Luke and I filmed the epic day of Kangaroo and Koala spotting, swimming, Sand Boarding and visiting the famous Pinnacles, there even was a running back flip thrown in for good measure.

My sister Suzan runs Tours With A Twist, a budget tour company running a bunch of great day trips out off Perth WA. See all the best spots in and around Perth such as The Swan Valley’s winery’s, breweries and even chocolate factory, the epic Perth Coastline, the famous Scarborough and Cottesloe beaches, visit Kings Park, the most popular destination in Western Australia and one of the largest inner city parks in the world, its even bigger than New York Central Park, you can even see Penguins on their Penguin Island Tour.

Click here to check out the Tours With A Twist Website:


Thank you to Luke from Lukey D for making the trip over to WA, make sure you all go and check him out:



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How To Find: The WA YouTube MeetUp.

I’ve been getting a little bit excited about the upcoming WA YouTube Meet-Up so on a lazy sunday I spent the day hanging out in Perth and filmed a little video. I had such a ball running around Perth, getting reacquainted with my home city. I have watched Perth grow from a sleepy little town to a thriving funky new age metropolis and I must admit, I am really liking where my city is heading.

A few of the local WA YouTubers decided to get together and organise a WA YouTube MeetUp to “actually” meet other YouTubes in Perth. YouTube is a great community full of interesting people from all walks of life, however in WA we seem so far away from anyone, well I guess when you live in the largest state in Australia you actually are far away from everything. As locals living in Perth or any one of our many regional towns WA is very isolated and I feel that this meet up is a great opportunity to get together, build networks and discuss ideas and projects. So if you are a WA YouTuber or in fact if you are a YouTuber from Australia or abroad please come to the WA YouTube MeetUp.

The MeetUp will be held at the Northbridge Piazza on the corner of James St and Lake St Northbridge on the Saturday the 18th of October from 12pm.

We all hope to see you there.

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Yeti Scalps and Chanting Monks: Daily Vlog 19.

Daily Vlog: 19

Deboche to Namche.

Prasant’s Easter Yak Pak start the day in good spirits, we are all high on oxygen now that we are at 3770m and on our way down to Namche which is at 3500m and we all know what is waiting for us in Namche, a shower, Oh Yeah!!! The day starts with a steep decline down through the beautiful flowering Rhododendron forest.

Tattered Passport

Walking through the the rhododendrons.

Everyday whilst trekking through the Himalaya’s the scenery changes and you are always treated to something new. Today we had to dodge getting “poo’d” on by Yaks that were above us using a suspension bridge, not something that comes to mind when planning a trekkingholiday???

We visit a school in a village called Khumjung, it was a saturday, the only day that the kids do not go to school bugger. However it was great to walk through the school grounds and pay our respect to Sir Edmund Hillary. He is pretty much considered a “God” in these parts and built this school. In 1960 Sir Edmund Hillary asked his Sherpa People friends what he could do to repay them for everything they had done for him, they wanted a school for there children, two years later Khumjung School was opened for its first class.

tattered passport

Khumjung Monastery Scripts

We visit another monastery the Khumjung Monastery (Khumjung Gompa). The monks were chanting, the sound was incredible I let the the wash over me, the sound touches your soul, it was beautiful. This monastery has an unusual tourist attraction, which also has an interesting story. The monks now proudly display, for a small donation their prized Yeti Scalp, yep you did read that correctly, a Yeti Scalp. The story goes something like this, the villagers received the scalp as a gift and were so displeased that they kicked it along the ground their entire way back to the village. Only to realise some years later that western tourist were interested in it and would offer a donation to see it?


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#100happydays Day12 – Day19

So I know I said that I would attempt to post daily for the 100happydays but I have been to busy being happy, sorry everyone. Well the time has come and we are now back on the road again and getting closer and closer to our big adventure. So the last couple of days have been hectic, but I have been learning to notice those little things that make me happy and here they are:

Thunderstorm, mykombiandi

A BIG Thunderstorm rolling in at Mt Keith

Last day at work

My Last day at work for 8 weeks :-)

Latte Art

Latte Art at Dome


Everything seems better when I am in my Kombi


It’s getting close now!!!

Bags are packed

I am ready! Bags are packed.

BeyondEverest project

BeyondEverest project proudly supporting beyondblue

We have arrived safe and sound in Chaotic Bangkok and are chilling by the pool at the moment. Just relaxing before we hit the streets and celebrate Songkran festival. Look out for the up and coming clips and pics from the epic “Water Festival” that is Thai New Year. If you have liked this post you can follow my adventures by sampling clicking on the “Follow” button. Or you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and now YouTube. Please feel free to share this post with your friends. One Life, One Search. Shane

Hiking the Bluff.

Well our 1st day of hiking in the stirling ranges was on a stinking hot day, approx. 38 degrees C and with no wind. It didn’t help that around 20 minutes into the hike we heard a blood curdling scream and was wondering what type of animal was getting eaten and what was eating it???

The day had us at Bluff Knoll the highest peak in the Stirling Range reaching 1099m. The track is amazing and the views are breathtaking. We had been here only a few months before and we could really see the effect that the harsh Australian summer has on our tough natural landscape. There were many shades of dead everywhere, but some how this to is beautiful. We interrupted a huge lizard that was sunning himself in the early morning sun and watched as some birds of prey circled above our heads whilst we looked over the vast landscape from the summit.

Bluff Knoll, mykombiandi

Looking out over the southern side of Bluff Knoll

The heat was horrible and we were sweating badly. We retreated to shade when ever we could and were hoping for some breeze soon. Kristy found some relief on a large rock that was still cool from the night before. When we rounded the mountain and we could see the Albany coast we were treated to a nice breeze, even if it were only for a brief moment. It is from this point where you once again are treated to an incredible view of the South West Coast. From now on the track gets very cool, it disappears into nothing, with only a few signs pointing you in the correct direction.


Training for Everest Base Camp

Once at the top you are treated to one of the best views you will find in WA. I always find myself contemplating life when I find myself in these magical places. Standing a top a mountain in my home country really made me feel proud of Australia and how lucky we have it here.

We had planned on checking out Mt Trio that afternoon however we decided that it was just way to hot. So we jumped in the car and drove the short 80km drive to Albany to go for a swim and find an ice cream. That swim was incredible and one of the best soft serve ice creams ever. I later found out that the Ice-cream truck was owned by one of my work mates grand dads, how cool is that?

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sunset mt trio

Sunset over our campsite

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Camping FAIL: How to put up a Tent with no poles.

Well we headed down to The Stirling Range National Park a “short” 5 hour drive south of Perth, Western Australia for some much needed training for our up and coming hike in April. As you guys know we have been training pretty hard for about a year now preparing ourselves to hike to Mt Everest Base Camp. The three of us founded BeyondEverest project and are raising much needed funds and awareness for a charity very close to our hearts, beyondblue. Beyondblue assist those suffering from depression and anxiety and every dollar we raise goes straight to them.

Anyway we headed down in Kristy’s little Suzuki instead of the Kombi this time. You see the Kombi died on the side of the road 2 months ago now and is going to cost me a bucket load to get back on the road, hopefully I get my baby back soon. So instead of staying in the Kombi we borrowed my mums tent, thanks mum. After the 5 hour drive down there we start to set up the tent and realise that we have no poles. Can you say FAIL??? Camping lesson #1: Always check your gear. Check out this Vlog and see what happens when when we do not check our gear!

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Mykombiandi visit Burnside Organic Farm, Vlog.

So as you all now know I have been playing with the idea of Vlogging. In this short clip mykombiandi visit Burnside Organic Farm in Margaret River Western Australia. I had been staying at Fair Harvest Farm completing my PDC, Permaculture Design Certificate. So here is a short film/ Vlog about Burnside Organic farm.

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