Leader Antarctica. Jenny Wressel: World Nomads

“That first step out of the plane, the thing that struck me was just the absolute freezing cold…”

Jenny Wressel, Station Leader at Mawson Station Antarctica 2016

“I wasn’t prepared for the rush of -20C air straight up my nose and into my goggles and everything freezing”

Living and working in Antarctica offers some unique challenges. Jenny Wressel explains what it is like to live and work in the most isolated environment in the world.

It was a real honour to make this film about a friend, and someone who is such an inspiration to me. Entering a film in the World Nomads Scholarship competition, taught me so much about film making. This is my first entrance in the World Nomads Film Scholarship competition, and it certainly will not be my last. I look forward to making many more films in this style.

Thank you Jen for being a great interviewee and an inspirational subject.

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Pokemon Go’s BAD: Antarctic 48hr Film Festival

Every year the Antarctic wintering stations compete in a very unique film festival, The Winter International 48hr Film Festival Antarctica.

On the Friday we receive the 5 secret elements, then we have 48hrs until Sunday to come up with an idea, write, film, edit and upload a film no longer than 5 minutes.

This years 5 Elements were:

A Sound: Elephant Trumpet,
An Object: A stethoscope,
A Line of Dialogue: May the force be with you,
A Character: A Mythical Creature,
An Action: Someone walking as if they are on a catwalk fashion show.

This year Mawson created a rare Pokemon named “Dunkachu”, a blue, drag, Rasta Fairfy named “Anne” our very own Flash Gordon who is an Elephant and life saving Jedi Knight. Yep you read that correctly…

This is our station Mawson’s 48hr film for 2016. So so so so much fun was had.

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